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    Amaradeva Foundation was established to preserve Pandit Amaradeva's work for the future generations.​

“Our Country’s Gift to the World of Music”

Dr. Lester James Pieris


In the little Sri Lankan coastal village of Koralawalla, Moratuwa, where fishermen sang as they went about their daily business, the boy who would become famous as Amaradeva was born on December 5, 1927.

At birth, he was given the name Wannakuwattawaduge Don Albert Perera. He was the youngest of six children, four boys and two girls. His father, Wannakuwattawaduge Don Ginoris Perera, was a Buddhist, and his mother, Balapuwawaduge Maggie Wesliana Mendis, a Methodist.

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About the Foundation

Amaradeva Foundation, which was established in year 2000 to preserve pandit Amaradeva’s work for the future generations, later got registered as a company Limited by gurantee in 2012, Under 2007 Companies Act No. 7

Since then we are operating as a non profit organization which is committed to full fill Pandit Amaradeva’s ideas to enrich Sri Lankan music Culture.

The foundation takes lead in organizing cultural events, Musical Workshops, Seminars (Rasa Vindana programmes) and especially awarding scholarships and gifting musical instruments to needy children.


For me, with an amateur’s abiding passion for Western and Eastern music, he is as a singer and writer of songs, our country’s gift to the world of international music; and for me his voice is the greatest musical instrument we have in this country. I would much rather has his voice on my films, than half a dozen “virtuoso players” from our orchestras.

His Music, at its best, for its supreme artistry and sensitivity is unsurpassed and his songs, in their gentle reverberations evoke the memories of our beautiful land, of our people, of our musical folk heritage as few songs have been able to do.

Dr. Lester James Peiris

Amaradeva’s musical creations speak for themselves. While pundits wage verbal battles regarding what Sinhala music ought to be, he has demonstrated what it could be. His compositions are rich in melodic quality and variety – and while demonstrating the wide range within which his creative talents operate, yet retain the texture of the traditional melodies that formed their source of inspiration. And his fine sensitivity to the poetry of the lyric contributes in no meager terms to the final shape his melodies assume.

Prof G. Hemapala Wijayawardhana

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